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How to clean injection mold of LED bracket? Dry ice cleaning machine Vs pharmaceutical ultrasonic cleaning machine, which cleaning efficiency is higher?

A few months ago, I received feedback from the boss of an injection molding factory in Shenzhen, as follows:

We used to use pharmaceutical ultrasonic cleaning machine, and we need to stop the machine once every 3 days to disassemble the mold and clean it.
We have been trying to find a way, because our factory is in Shenzhen, so we have been looking for a Shenzhen LED mold cleaning machine manufacturer, but we have not found a good one, until later we found Shareme dry ice cleaning machine factory.
After a factory tour to Shareme, and after sampling with their dry ice cleaning machine, we decided to use Shareme dry ice cleaning machine.
After that, no shutdown, no disassembling machines before the cleaning.
We can dry ice clean in the production, since it’s not conductive, no abrasion.
Dry ice cleaning is exactly what we need.
Now, we save nearly $50,000 in labor cost from cleaning every month, and we have added dry ice cleaning into our SOP.

Dry ice clean injection mold of LED bracket 02

The boss of the factory located in Shenzhen also said:

“LED bracket injection, belongs to precision mold metal plastic injection.
Due to the characteristics of the material, it contains fire retardant, which produces corrosive gas to the mold.
In the past, the cleaning method in our industry is:
After continuous production, once we found bad products, then we stop, and disassemble the mold, and then use ultrasonic cleaning with pharmaceutical.
To do so, you have to stop work, disassemble machines, and the production efficiency is very low…”

Dry ice clean injection mold of LED bracket 01

Dry ice cleaning machine Vs pharmaceutical ultrasonic cleaning machine, as a factory, if you want to clean LED bracket injection mold, which LED mold cleaning machine you will choose?

Led mold cleaning machine, in the past we generally used “pharmaceutical ultrasonic cleaning”, but this traditional cleaning technology can not meet the needs of LED bracket injection molding. Because every two or three days we need to stop, demolish the mold, this will delay a lot of time, waste a lot of labor.

Now, LED mold cleaning machine, we use the “dry ice cleaning machine” in default.

Because dry ice cleaning has many advantages, in addition to no downtime, no disassembly, cleaning in the production process. And there are many other advantages, such as: non-conducting, no abrasion, no chemical detergent, and so on.

Continuous production is too important to the factory.

Dry ice cleaning can indeed save a lot of time and labor for factories.

Therefore, dry ice cleaning machine Vs pharmaceutical ultrasonic cleaning machine, for the factory, from the return on investment, the former is far more better than the latter.




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