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A definitive guide for using dry ice

What’s Dry Ice?

Other Name: solid carbon dioxide
Chemical formula: CO2₂
Molecular weight: 44.0095
Melting point: -78.5 (sublimation)
Boiling point: -56.6 (0.52MPa)
Density: dry ice is denser than regular ice
Appearance: white icy solid
Application: artificial rain, stage performance, industrial cleaning, fire extinguisher, frozen preservation… One of the biggest application area is industrial cleaning.





How does dry ice go from gaseous carbon dioxide to solid carbon dioxide?

At high pressure with 6250.5498 kilopascals, carbon dioxide is liquefied into a colorless liquid, which then solidifies rapidly at low pressure, resulting in solid carbon dioxide.

How should dry ice be stored?

Dry ice is stored in insulated containers, which usually hold 880 pounds and depending on the ambient temperature and the container, dry ice can stay in these containers for about 4 to 8 days. Because dry ice sublimates, and even if you keep dry ice in insulated containers, you lose about 4% every 24 hours.

dry ice incubator


How is dry ice transported?

Dry ice is placed in insulated containers, then placed on pallets and loaded onto trucks via forklifts for transport to destinations.

Safety Precautions when using dry ice

Dry ice is extremely cold, below -78.5℃, so never touch dry ice directly with your hands, wear protective gloves and use a dry ice shovel.

dry ice safety precaution

When using a dry ice cleaner, be sure to:
1. Wear protective gloves
2. Wear goggles
3. Wear earplugs
If no ventilation then need to wear breathing equipment.
Special note: Never blasting dry ice at people!

Can I make dry ice on my own?

Yes, you need to buy a dry ice maker machine first.
In addition, liquid CO2 needs to be purchased.
Liquid CO2 is then turned into dry ice by using the dry ice maker.
So if you are a company, you could make dry ice on your own, if you are a individual, we suggest you purchased in your city.

What are the application scenarios of dry ice?

Dry ice can be used for dry ice fire extinguishers, weddings, stages, food preservation, dry ice cleaning, and more.

Application field of dry ice

More than 60% of dry ice has been used in industrial cleaning, since dry ice cleaning has many benefits.

Dry ice cleaning can be used in nearly all industries, like the following.



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