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Dry Ice Blaster, Dry Ice Deburring Machine, Automatic Deburring Machine, Dry Ice Cleaning Machine for Car Carbon Deposit.



Dry ice blaster for cars as carbon deposit cleaning machine

Scientific solution for cleaning car carbon deposition

1. Comparison of dry ice cleaning and traditional cleaning methods for carbon deposition:

The Disadvantages of traditional cleaning methods

  • Corrosion and residual
  • Chemical liquid medicine
    Water-based foam cleaner: after cleaning, residual water and residual carbon deposition need to be extracted repeatedly. exclusive car can not use this method to clean.
  • Invalid

Hydrogen and oxygen cleaning deposition carbon
Oxygen and hydrogen are obtained by electrolysis of water, get into the combustion chamber through the intake system for combustion, this cleaning effect is minimal: easy operation and low price is the biggest advantage.

  • laborious
  • Disassembling

After disassembling the inlet branch pipe, chemical agent is used to soak the carbon deposit on the inlet valve. The cleaning time is long, and the cycle of disassembling and cleaning the carbon deposit in the combustion chamber is long.

Advantages of dry ice cleaning method for automobile carbon deposition: Safe, efficient and no residue

The combustion chamber can be cleaned by disassembling the ignition plug, and the intake valve can be cleaned through the fuel injection nozzle or intake manifold. It is fast, safe and effective. The whole process, including cleaning the engine room, does not exceed 40 minutes.

You can use dry ice cleaning for cleaning automobile carbon deposition.

shareme dry ice blaster for cleaning carbon deposit of a car

The advantages of dry ice cleaning car carbon deposition are:

  • No abrasion
  • No need for chemical detergents
  • Not conductive
  • No need to disassemble the machine
  • Can work in the process of production
  • Can be automated operation
  • No residue
  • Food hygiene level
  • Green and environmental protection

So what do we need to do to use dry ice for cleaning carbon deposition?
Learn dry ice cleaning basics, learn the principle of dry ice cleaning, and then prepare a Shareme dry ice cleaning machine, and then buy dry ice, and then you get started.

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