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How much does a dry ice cleaning machine cost? How do I choose the right dry ice blasting machine?

How much does a dry ice cleaning machine cost?

How to buy a dry ice cleaner?

How to save some money for buying dry ice cleaner?

1. About the price, there is huge difference between top brands and new brands.

About international top brands, the retail price would be about $12,000-$30,000, with very good quality.
About new brands, the retail price would be $3,500-$8,000.
About a original manufactuer, the retail price would be even lower.

2. About the quality, international top brands are good.

Some international top brands outsource the production of dry ice blasting machine from a original manufacturer.
So we may buy or custom from a original manufacturer, for same quality with much lower price.

3. About the specialty, it will be better for us to choose the one which focus on dry ice blasting machine.

Some companies specializing in dry ice cleaning machines, and some companies sell too many equipments, it is not professional.

So to sum up:

1. If the budget is sufficient, you can consider buying the top leading brands.

ColdJet and Karcher are recommended.

2. If you don’t have a budget, consider buying from a original manufacturer, Shareme is recommended.

They have good after-sales maintenance service, and they can replace parts, upgrade for you.

3. And you can consider buying used dry ice cleaning machines to save money.


4. And you can consider renting instead of buying, to save money.




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