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How to clean a Meltblown mold (or known as MELT-BLOWN NONWOVEN mold) by using a dry ice blaster?

In this article, I will show you how to clean a Meltblown mold by using a dry ice blaster, through a real case.

First, we consider to use dry ice cleaning, why?

Because there are many advantages for dry ice cleaning, as listed below:

1. Dry ice cleaning with no damage to mold, while other with abrasion or damage.
2. Traditional cleaning methods (hot vacuum calcination or ultrasonic) may take more than 10 hours.
3. While it only takes about 15 minutes to clean a mold by dry ice blaster.
4. Low cost by using dry ice cleaning, it costs about $3 to clean a mold.

Steps for cleaning melt-blown cloth mold with dry ice:

Step One:

Get the Shareme dry ice blaster ready, and get a heating rod ready, as shown in the picture below.

Step Two:

Power on, heat the mold to more than 300 degrees with a heating rod, as the picture shown below:

Step Three:

Aim the spray gun of Shareme dry ice cleaning machine at the hole in the position of the die head, move slowly, stay for a few seconds in each hole, and go back and forth a few more times.

Step Four:

When you feel the mold is cleaned up, one person shines a flashlight at the smaller holes, another person watch es the cleaning effect through the big hole.

See if there is any dirt inside. If there are small black spots like the one below, it is not clean yet.

Step Five:

If not clean, heat the mold to over 300 degrees and use the tube to spray at the black spots.
When it’s clean, it looks like this below:

The whole cleaning process takes about 20 minutes.
And the dry ice blaster will consume a 5KG granular block dry ice, the size is 250*140*125 mm, as shown below:

The whole cleaning process is very simple, a simple summary is:

1.Get Shareme dry ice blaster and a heating rod ready.
2.Use the heating rod to heat the melt-blown cloth mold to more than 300 degrees, in order to make the glue and carbon inside not stick to it.
3.Aim the spray gun of Shareme dry ice cleaning machine at the small hole of melt-blown cloth’s die head to spray ice. Blast the holes, the dry ice ejected will sublimate, and then the air pressure take away the dirt.

In general, in terms of cost performance and timeliness, we believe that dry ice cleaning is more convenient, more affordable and easier than other cleaning method.



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