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How does dry ice blaster work? How does dry ice cleaning?

A dry ice blaster is called dry ice cleaning machine too.

So How dry ice cleaning machine works? How does dry ice cleaning?

All dry ice cleaning machines work the same way, as shown in this infographic below.

How does dry ice blaster work?

Compressed air ejects small dry ice particles, which hit the dirty layer on the surface of an object at speeds up to the speed of sound, causing it to fall off.

Dry ice cleaning produces three effects:

  1. Dynamic effects: When small dry ice particles hit surfaces at the speed of sound, any layers of dirt on the surface break and loosen.
  2. Thermal effect: the low temperature of small dry ice particles makes the pollution layer fragile, cracking and loosening, resulting in reduced adhesion between the pollution layer and the object surface.
  3. Explosive effect (sublimation) : dry ice particles penetrate through the dirty layer, and sublimate immediately (directly from solid to gas). Dry ice, which suddenly goes from solid to gas, can increase in volume by up to 800 times. The result is a microexplosion that strips the filth off the surface.




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