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Dry Ice Blaster, Dry Ice Deburring Machine, Automatic Deburring Machine, Dry Ice Cleaning Machine for Car Carbon Deposit.

Shareme dry ice blaster manufacturer sample room
Production line of Shareme factory
Shareme automatic deburring machine in the production line

Why Choose Us


    Professional Factory

    We are the original manufacturer of top international leading brands..


    Factory Direct Sales

    Factory direct sales, prices are very competitive..


    Low MOQ

    We have very low MOQ, 1 pc of machine can be accepted, and can be customized.


    OEM / ODM / Customization

    We provide customization services, including OEM, ODM, and function customization.


    Free Sampling

    We can use our dry ice blaster to clean a sample of yours, to show you the effect.


    Full Line of Specifications

    No matter what your industry are, we have the right models for you.


    Long Warranty Period

    Dry ice cleaning machine with long warranty period.


    Spare Parts

    Full line of Spare parts, with remote guidance installation.

Get a Free Quote

In order to quote you a good price, more accurate price, please tell me the details, like the order quantity, the models of the product, or your special requirements, like putting your logo on.

After that, I will quote you a accurate price.

As you may know:

1. We are the original manufacturer of top international brands.

2. We provide OEM / ODM / Retail / Wholesale / Repair /Maintenance / Upgrading services.

3. We have a team with over 14 years of production experience in the Dry Ice Blaster industry.

    About Us

    Dongguan Shareme Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, with over 14 years of experience in production and R&D of dry ice blaster.

    As a leading factory in production of dry ice blaster, we produce dry ice cleaning machine, dry ice deburring machine, dry ice blaster for removing carbon deposit of car, automatic dry ice blaster, automatic burring machine, dry ice cleaning machine for mold, and so on.

    And we provide spare parts and accessories, maintenance services, upgrading and other after-sales services.

    We provide OEM and ODM services too, so we can custom for you at a low MOQ.

    Good quality, competitive price.

    Please contact us anytime, we will help you win in the market, and we are always at your service.   Read more

    Our Customers

    Our customers and partners are from all over the world.

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