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Dry ice blasting vs Sandblasting vs Soda Cleaning vs Hydroblasting vs Chemical Solvent Cleaning

We can see there are a lot of benefits or advantages of dry ice blasting, when compared to sandblasting, soda cleaning, hydroblasting, chemical solvent cleaning.

We didn’t see the laser cleaning in the table above, so what about Dry Ice Cleaning Vs Laser Cleaning?

LASER CLEANING is not suitable for all surfaces – for example, wood, glass or plastic. Laser cleaning is not very suitable for surfaces or objects with difficult – to – see cracks (pipes, tubes, etc.)

DRY ICE BLASTING is suitable for almost all surfaces, including wood and plastic. There is no risk to use dry ice cleaning, since no abrasion and no damage. And it is environmentally friendly method, because it does not contain any solvents or secondary harmful substances.

Please check the comparison here:

What are the dry ice cleaning benefits?





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