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Dry ice cleaning Polyurethane foam molds with Dry ice blaster

Refrigerator foam mold cleaning solution: Professional refrigerator foam mold dry ice cleaning machine

The main use of Polyurethane foam

1. Overview of Polyurethane foam

Name: Polyurethane foam sealing agent
One-componentpolyurethane foam
CAS No.: 51852-81-4
Formula: (C10H8N2O2.C6H14O3)x

Polyurethane foam is a special polyurethane product that fills polyurethane prepolymer, foaming agent, catalyst and other components in pressure-resistant aerosol tank. It is mainly used for filling, sealing and bonding of side joints of building doors and Windows, expansion joints of components and holes.

Polyurethane foam is a kind of polyurethane elastic sealing foam material that its curing depends on moisture.

Installation of doors and Windows: joint sealing and fixed bonding between doors and Windows and walls.
Home appliance field: refrigerator, freezer, electric water heater and solar water heater, etc., used for heat preservation.
Advertising model: model, sand table production, display board repair.
Sound insulation and noise reduction: sound insulation and noise reduction can be achieved by filling gaps in the decoration of language laboratory and broadcast studio.
Gardening landscape: flower arrangement, gardening landscape, make it light and beautiful.
Daily maintenance: void, gap, wall brick, floor tile, floor repair.
Waterproof plugging: water pipes, sewers and other loopholes repair, plugging.

Current situation and problems of polyurethane foaming mould of refrigerator

1. Polyurethane (foam) application in the insulation industry

The main component of refrigerator foam is polyurethane, which is called polyurethane in English and abbreviated as PU.

Polyurethane foam, with good thermal insulation effect, can be used as insulation material in the refrigerator, or around freezer.

The foaming process of polyurethane is carried out in the mold, as shown in the figure below:

2. The problem: cleaning polyurethane foam

Take cleaning polyurethane foam mold as an example:
Before the polyurethane foams in the mold, the mold needs to be cleaned and checked.
We should clean foam residual and other sundries attached to the foam mold, check the mold precision, otherwise foaming will cause damage to the box, leakage and other serious quality problems.
In addition, when polyurethane is filled in the refrigerator mold, the time required for foam filling is important.
The shorter the time, the more the refrigerator factory can greatly improve the production efficiency, shorten the delivery cycle.
Therefore, we need to solve a problem: how to efficiently clean the polyurethane on the mold?

Take polyurethane for real estate doors and Windows for waterproof and plugging as an example:

Real estate using polyurethane, which can play an excellent sealing, waterproof role.

However, the use of polyurethane also has a drawback, which is, if the technique is improper, it is easy to get other places as stains.

Such polyurethane needs to be cleaned off, otherwise it will affect the appearance, but it is difficult to clean off with conventional methods.


Polyurethane cleaning solution for refrigerator polyurethane molds

1. Comparison between dry ice cleaning and traditional cleaning methods:

Polyurethane, difficult to clean with traditional cleaning methods.
For example, use some acetone, or special polyurethane cleaning agent will be better, but there will be chemical residue.
This will affect the normal work of the mold.

2. Scientific cleaning method of foaming glue (polyurethane): Dry ice Cleaning

The advantages of dry ice cleaning are:
No abrasion
No need for chemical detergents
Not conductive
No need to disassemble the machine
Can work in the process of production
Can be automated operation
No residue
Food hygiene level
Green and environmental protection

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